JKAY, is a producer, songwriter and DJ hailing from South East England. Having written and produced songs for multi-platinum selling artists over the past few years, JKAY is now focusing his efforts on his solo project.

Growing up on a musical diet of everything from 90’s R&B to classic British Indie of the early Noughties, this eclectic scope shaped JKAY’s talent in writing hit records. However, it was House & Garage music that really started to influence JKAY.

This cross-pollination of genres led to the JKAY sound starting to form; a blend of banging Garage basslines, soaring House drops and solid hooks/choruses straight from a chart topping record.

It didn’t take long for the music industry to start taking notice. Remixing for the likes of MK, collaborating with artists such as Zac Samuel and producing songs for LuvBug led to record labels going all out for JKAY’s signature.

Now signed to the majorly cool tastemaker label Black Butter, JKAY is getting ready to deliver big hit records, one after another.

Coalition Talent act as a live booking agent for JKAY.

Dan Saunderson

Assisted by:
Sian Pescow

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