Danny T


Having amassed a huge online following through his mixes (currently over 10 million SoundCloud plays) and a string of bass-heavy reworkings, 2016 saw Danny T grow from strength to strength. He has been featured on huge line-ups across Europe, touring Ibiza, Aiya Napa, Zante, Malia, Gibraltar, Kos, Kavos and playing the world famous BCM.

Following the success of his famous ‘Lion King’ track (currently over half a million plays), Danny T’s social media following has grown to over 1 million followers across various platforms. His unique fusion of house & bass has captivated dance floors across the UK and saw him headline The Wright Venue, Ireland on New Years Eve.

His ability to mix and mash-up tracks in a way you will not have heard before creates an electric atmosphere with his tendency to surprise the crowd unrivalled by any DJ in the UK. With over 100 shows in 2016 and an ever-building résumé of festivals and venues played at, 2017 is set to be the year Danny T emerges from the underground scene and shares his music in the unique style he delivers across the UK.

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