Anto Sharp


Anto Sharp (a carpenter by trade) is a social media influencer who first launched his persona on Vine in late 2013. His success began when he recorded a video shouting “Oooh that’s going straight in my basket” in the middle of a busy supermarket. The video immediately went viral and Anto gained 500,000 fans in just 6 months.

Since then Anto has has had the opportunity to host for Vine at the Red Carpet of the Brits 2016, featured on Scott Mills’ “Innuendo Bingo” live on Radio 1 and taking Radio 1’s Chris Stark into a supermarket live on air! Anto has now exceeded 1 Million fans on Facebook and has had over 100 million views on his notorious videos.

Coalition Talent act as live booking agent for Anto Sharp.

Social following: 1.5 million

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